Seit 2017 führt die WKF ihre internationalen Turniere in zwei Kategorien durch. Einerseits die am höchsten dotierten K1 Premier League Turniere (Paris, Rotterdam, Dubai, Rabat, Halle) andererseits die neuen Serie A Turniere (Toledo, Istanbul, Salzburg, Okinawa).

The Karate1 Premier League is the most important league event in the world of Karate. It comprises of a number of the most prominent Karate competitions and endeavours to bring together the best Karate athletes in the world in an open championships of unprecedented scale and quality.

The Karate1 Series A complement the Karate1 Premier League events as first-class Karate international competitions. Newly created, the Karate1 Series A offer karatekas from all over the world the opportunity to increase their ranking position in a series of outstanding and anticipated events while increasing the universality of top Karate tournaments.Two new venues are being incorporated into Karate’s top competition. The 2018 Karate 1-Series A reaches new levels with the celebration of tournaments in China and Chile thus taking high-class Karate to two top developing countries in the sport. While the organisation of Karate 1-eries A tournaments in Shanghai and Santiago expands the universality of the event and incorporates one more continent to the list of Karate 1-Series A venues, these competitions also guarantee that athletes in Asia and South America will have the opportunity to compete and to increase their position in WKF World Ranking. The inclusion of Karate 1-Series A in Shanghai and Santiago responds to the growing interests of hosts to organise top Karate competitions.

Daten 2018



Daten 2017
Serie A Toledo (9.-11. Juni)
Serie A Istanbul (22.-24. September) 
Serie A Salzburg (6.-8. Oktober)
Serie A Okinawa (10.-12. November)

Berichte 2017

Elena Quirici: Markenzeichen – Siegermentalität
Top-Resultat von Ramona Brüderlin in Toledo

Anzahl Siege nach drei Series A Turnieren (Toledo, Istanbul, Okinawa):

Elena Quirici, 2+6+4= 12
Fabienne Kaufmann, 3+1+1= 5
Nina Radjenovic, 2+2+1= 5
Ramona Brüderlin, 2+0+3= 5
Noah Pisino, 3+1= 4
Noémie Kornfeld, 2+1= 3
Maya Schärer, 2+0+1= 3
Ujihara Yuki, 0+2= 2
Pauline Bonjour, 2+0= 2
Melinda Mark, 2+0= 2
Melinda Michel, 2+0= 2
Salim Tawfik, 0+1+1= 2
Florian Weber, 1+0= 1
Mirko De Pascalis, 0+1= 1
Julian Shane, 0+0+1= 1

Aktualisiert: 30. Dezember 2017